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The Light Project is an initiative created by our founder, Marilee Hutton Clark, to support the development of the next generation. We are committed to helping high school and college-aged young adults unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. 

Fortunately, Marilee donates her time and expertise to coaching sessions as part of the initiative. If you know a young adult who would benefit from a complimentary coaching session with Marilee, please encourage them to submit their answer to the following question: 

“What experience in your life has had the most significant impact on who you are today, and how did it shape your values and beliefs?” 

By sharing their answers, they will have the opportunity to be considered for a complimentary coaching session with Marilee. During the session, Marilee will provide personalized guidance and support to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. 

Is there someone who comes to mind that you think would benefit from this opportunity? Please encourage them to submit their answers to the questions for consideration. Marilee is eager to assist the next generation in reaching their full potential. 

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